Space Research Sector

Physics and Technical Faculty of Vassyl Karazin National University

Kharkiv, Ukraine

We develops devices for measurements the high energy charge particle fluxes in the near Earth space.

The satellite spectrometer – telescope of high energy charge particles STEP-F is aimed for measuring the spatial and temporal distributions of energetic charge particle fluxes in the near Earth space at satellite altitudes. The instrument consists of detector unit STEP-FD installed in the open space at the platform of the spacecraft, and electronic unit STEP-FE situated in the hermetic module of the satellite.

Main characteristics of the STEP-F device

Sorts of the registered particles

Electrons, protons, alpha-particles

Particle energies:


0.2―3 MeV


3.7―60 MeV


16―180 MeV

Geometry factors

12―22 cm2·s·sr

Detector types used in telescopic system

Si position – sensitive;

scintillation CsI(Tl)

Active areas of detectors

Si – 20 cm2;

CsI(Tl) – 36 cm2, 49 cm2

Angle of view


Temporal resolution

2 s, 30 s

Weight of the device:


15.4 kg


2.7 kg



337х395х293 mm


95х287х160 mm

Power consumption:


40 Watts


8 Watts

Operation by work regimes in the flight mode

Functional commands

Possibility to regulate the width of energy channel




The STEP-F device has been developed and manufactured by the order of the National Space Agency of Ukraine in the cooperation with joint stock Company “Scientific Institute of radio technical measurements” (Kharkiv city), passed all tests at the factories of space industry of Ukraine as well as in Moscow and cosmodromePlesetsk” (Arhangelskiy region of Russia).



In January, 2009, the device STEP-F was launched in the space on the round orbit with an inclination 82,60, and the altitude ~ 560 км on the board of Russian spacecraft “CORONAS-PHOTON” from the cosmodromePlesetsk. In time the active work of the spacecraft the particle spectrometer STEP-F had collected scientific information on the fluxes of high energy particles on the Earth magnetosphere.





Contact information Head of space research sector O.V. Dudnik, Tel/Fax +380-57-705-34-00